Approximately 1,800 people graduate from UHN's Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation Program at Rumsey Centre each year.

Heart Health for Life is an innovative program that offers our graduates a variety of programs, services and resources to help them when they transition from their formal rehabilitation program to managing their heart health independently.

You can take part in Heart Health for Life if you have completed a cardiac, stroke, diabetes, heart failure or breast cancer program through the Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation Program.

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Heart Health for Life is designed to:

  • Support and motivate you to continue your heart-healthy lifestyle
  • Invite you to join a vibrant community of graduates and their family members and supporters to help you broaden your support networks
  • Provide opportunities for you to stay involved with Toronto Rehab as a volunteer, ambassador, advisor or champion of the Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation Program

You can choose from a range of programs and services to determine which are right for you:

Programs to help graduates stay active

Pulse Check

This program provides graduates with an exercise stress test each year at our Toronto Rehab Rumsey site. This service is for graduates who are exercising regularly and have not had any new heart events or procedures. Your doctor will need to fill out a Pulse Check Referral Form  for you to participate. A member of our clinical team provides the results of the exercise stress test and advice on how to progress with exercise. There is no cost for this service.

Staying on Track

This program provides supervised exercise sessions two times each week at our Toronto Rehab Rumsey site. Graduates have full access to our walking track, cardio equipment and resistance training equipment. Graduates can drop in (i.e., they do not have to sign up in advance) for exercise on:

  • Monday mornings from 8:30 am to 10:00 am
  • Tuesday evenings from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm

All graduates participating must disclose if they have a new cardiac event or procedure. We encourage graduates to complete an annual Pulse Check exercise stress test (see above). Paid membership is required. You can purchase 1 month for $30, 3 months for $80 or 6 months for $150. Prices are subject to change.

Runners with Heart

Interested in meeting up to exercise with other graduates and staff? This group of graduates meets at 5 pm on the last Thursday of each month at the Toronto Rehab Rumsey Centre. The graduates use the exercise track or do an outdoor run/walk. There is no fee for this program. Contact Stuart Lee by email at: for more information.

Diabetes Walk and Talk

Graduates living with diabetes or prediabetes can get together on Saturday mornings for a walk and talk session. The session starts at 8:30 am in the summer months, 9:30 am in the fall months. They meet up across from the horse stables in Sunnybrook Park. There will be yellow signs and organizers in yellow vests. Contact Frank Ansell by email at: or call 416 706 8044 for more information.


This program is for graduates interested in the weekly gentle chair and gentle mat yoga. These classes will help graduates relax and improve their flexibility, strength and balance. Location: Toronto Rehab Rumsey Centre on Tuesday evenings at 5:45 pm. Cost varies per session depending on the number of sessions you purchase in advance. Contact Lee Schacter by email at: for more information.

Heart Wise Exercise Programs

Find exercise classes in your community that are safe and suitable for individuals living with chronic conditions. Find out more about their programming.

Programs to help graduates learn, share and support each other

Take Charge Education

Join us for large group education sessions on topics important to graduates. These education sessions are offered 3 to 4 times each year. Fill out a contact waiver form and you will receive an email or a phone call outlining when the talks will be happening.

Graduates can access previously recorded sessions on YouTube.

Peer Support Group

Join our cardiac peer support groups. These groups are led by graduates of the program. This group was created to encourage a peer support connection, based on shared experiences, where people are able to just be with each other without the constraints of traditional (expert/patient) relationships. The typical session begins with 30 minutes of discussion on a health topic of interest, a brief mindfulness activity and then individual sharing of your efforts and experiences.


  • The 4th Wednesday of each month from 1:00 pm to 3:30 pm in Room 222 at the Toronto Rehab Rumsey Centre. Contact Lee Schacter by email at: for more information.


  • The 2nd Tuesday of each month from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm in room 226 at the Toronto Rehab Rumsey Centre. Contact Emil Boychuk by email at: for more information.

Become a Volunteer

Looking to give back? Our volunteers provide support to current program patients, help organize special events, and provide administrative support to the staff at the Toronto Rehab Rumsey Centre. To volunteer, please visit Volunteering at UHN.

You can also apply to become a One to One Peer Support Volunteer. In this role, you are trained to help a patient who recently had a health experience similar to yours. Talk to your Cardiac Rehabilitation Supervisor or our receptionist at 416 597 3422 ext. 5200 for more information.

Become a Patient Partner

Patient Partners are patients and family caregivers who partner with UHN leaders and staff on different projects to improve care and service. You may:

  • Take part in committees and hiring panels
  • Join focus groups
  • Share your story and care experience with others

To apply to become a Patient Partner please contact the Patient Partner Program at 416 340 5085 or email at

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