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All resources are in PDF format unless otherwise indicated.

Important dates and times

Download and print this sheet to keep track of your appointments:

My tests and test results

While you are in hospital, you may have several tests to help you get ready for or recover from your surgery. You will probably also have many questions to ask your health care team. Write these questions down so you have them ready for your doctor, nurse or other team member.

Download a record sheet for keeping track of your tests, test results and questions:

You can also see your test results on myUHN as soon as they are ready. myUHN is a secure website for patients of University Health Network. You can access myUHN anytime on a computer, smartphone or tablet. Ask for a registration code when you check in for your next appointment or call myUHN Support at 416 340 3777.

Checklists to help you prepare

Download and print these checklists to help you prepare for surgery:

My Surgery evaluation

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