​Research at UHN

Caring for your health is our primary concern. Being able to give better health care tomorrow means that we must ask questions about your health care today. We do this through research.

Every year, professionals at UHN work on hundreds of research studies. These studies may involve work done in labs, clinical trials of new drugs or devices, administering questionnaires, creating databases or reviewing health records.

It is possible that during your clinic appointment or stay in the hospital, you will be approached to participate in a research study. It is important that you know participating in research is voluntary. You are always free to decline participation in a research study or to withdraw from a study you are currently participating in at any time without affecting the health care provided to you by UHN.

Research Ethics Board

The Research Ethics Board is a group of community and professional volunteers dedicated to protecting the safety of persons entering a research study. We work to ensure privacy, dignity and justice for people who participate in research.

For more information, visit the REB website.

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