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Dr. Jennifer Bell  

We invite you to join the Ethics and AI in Healthcare Work Journal Club, where we explore the ethical aspects of AI in the context of healthcare practice, research and education. This group is being led by Dr. Jennifer Bell, Education Investigator II at The Institute for Education Research at UHN, and Senior Bioethicist and Director of Bioethics Research at UHN.

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The Ethics of Deploying AI and Robotics in Medicine

Tuesday, February 6, 2024

Reading: Palmer A, Schwan D. More Process, Less Principles: The Ethics of Deploying AI and Robotics in Medicine. Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics. 2024;33(1):121-134. doi:10.1017/S0963180123000087

There are currently more frameworks for ethical AI than you can shake a stick at. Moreover, we argue that these frameworks are generally unhelpful to healthcare institutions for two main reasons. First, the frameworks are primarily developed for the design and development of AI but healthcare institutions rarely design and develop their own AI applications. Their problem is one of ethical deployment. Second, these frameworks emphasize abstract ethical principles leaving issues surrounding their appropriate application vague in concrete settings. The ethical deployment of AI in healthcare settings must place much more emphasis on process. After outlining the main problems with current approaches we suggest a general process by which healthcare institutions can ethically deploy AI in clinical settings.


Ami Palmer holds a PhD in Philosophy from Bowling Green State University and currently works as a clinical ethicist at the University of Texas, MD Anderson Cancer Center. His primary research areas include the ethics of AI in clinical settings and the effects of medical misinformation on clinical interactions.

David Schwan is a Lecturer in Philosophy and Comparative Religion and the Director of the EthicsLab at Central Washington University. He holds a PhD in applied philosophy from Bowling Green State University. His research is in applied ethics and moral psychology, particularly the role of emotion and advanced technologies in medicine.

Implementing AI in healthcare-the relevance of trust

Thursday, November 21, 2023

Reading: Steerling E, Siira E, Nilsen P, Svedberg P, Nygren J. Implementing AI in healthcare - the relevance of trust: a scoping review. Front Health Serv. 2023 Aug 24;3:1211150. doi: 10.3389/frhs.2023.1211150

Doctoral student Emilie Steerling will discuss her recent study that delves into the scientific literature to investigate the conceptualization of trust in AI in the healthcare sector and the factors influencing trust in AI within this context.


Emilie Steerling is a doctoral student of Health and Lifestyle at Halmstad University in Sweden. She is part of the Healthcare Improvement Research Group, which focuses on questions about how health innovation, in the form of interventions supported by digital services and health data analysis, can be developed, implemented and evaluated to provide healthcare organizations with knowledge and support to achieve high-quality care and improved health outcomes for particular groups. Her research project focuses on trust in AI in relation to implementation in healthcare. The aim is to understand trust in AI in relation to specific contexts of AI implementation to support successful introduction in clinical practice.

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