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The McEwen Stem Cell Institute was established in December 2018 with a mission to develop new stem cell-based therapies for chronic diseases with unmet clinical needs. Formerly the McEwen Centre for Regenerative Medicine, the Institute has been a recognized leader in stem cell research and regenerative medicine since 2007 and is home to five internationally recognized scientists with expertise in stem cell and human developmental biology. Our team of scientists is currently focused on developing therapies in four major disease areas — heart disease, liver disease, diabetes and blood cell diseases.

Made possible through the generosity of Rob and Cheryl McEwen, the McEwen Stem Cell Institute brings together scientists, clinicians, investors and philanthropists to deliver on our translational goals. As part of the University Health Network, we collaborate with research institutions around the globe and have forged groundbreaking partnerships to move theory to therapy.

Supported by some of the best and brightest pioneers in the field of regenerative medicine, we are focused on restoring heart function, making electronic pacemakers obsolete, healing liver disease, eliminating insulin injections, and beating blood diseases. With what was once impossible now within our grasp, we are seizing the moment to accelerate our ability to create, collaborate and cure.

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Meet the changemakers who are setting the breathtaking pace of progress.

Our News

UHN Launches McEwen Stem Cell Institute
University Health Network (UHN) announced the creation of the McEwen Stem Cell Institute. The sixth institute within its research community, the McEwen Institute is focused on stem cell research and the promise of regenerative medicine and cell therapies.

BlueRock Therapeutics Strengthens Collaboration with the McEwen Stem Cell Institute 
BlueRock Therapeutics, LP, an engineered cell therapy company leveraging its novel Cell+Gene platform to develop regenerative medicines for intractable diseases, announced today the strengthening of its ongoing strategic collaboration with the McEwen Stem Cell Institute at the University Health Network (UHN) in Toronto.

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