Middle-aged man in collared shirt wtih other men in background At the end of treatment many people expect to be ready to go back to ‘normal’, to life as it was before cancer. However, the end of treatment is not a clean break from the effects cancer had and continues to have on you, your family and friends. You may have expected to feel relief at the end of treatment and are surprised at having other intense emotions like sadness, anger, shock, etc. You may not feel well as a result of side effects from your treatment, and may fear that your cancer will come back (cancer recurrence). You may be overwhelmed knowing that some side effects and health risks may surface years from now. These are common feelings of finishing treatment.

This resource can help testicular cancer survivors and their families know what to expect after treatment, what actions they can take to manage late side effects and health risks, and what they can do to help get their lives back on track.

For medical issues, call the Genitourinary Oncology Triage Nurse line:
416 946 2233



Many cancer survivors find living with the fear of recurrence challenging. Knowing what to expect from your health care team and also what you can do may help. Learn about recurrence »


Ongoing & late side effects

Find ways to manage side effects you may have now, and learn about which side effects you may have later. Learn about ongoing and late side effects »


Emotional well-being

The emotions brought on by cancer can be intense. Finding a way of understanding and dealing with these emotions is an important part of long-term emotional recovery and wellness.Learn about emotional well-being »


Overall health

Exercise and eating well help in many ways - giving you more energy, reducing the impact of treatment side-effects, improving your day-to-day functioning and quality of life. Learn about overall health »


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