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POGO School and Work Transitions Program

For childhood cancer and brain tumour survivors, getting their lives back on track can be difficult. Many people who had cancer in childhood experienced significant interruptions to their schooling during treatment. Some may have developed learning difficulties as a result of their cancer or treatment, which can make it hard to finish high school, apply to and attend university or find and keep a job.

The School and Work Transitions Program is a program of the Pediatric Oncology Group of Ontario (POGO) and helps survivors of childhood cancer and brain tumours reach their educational and career goals. The professionals at the POGO School and Work Transitions Program helps people achieve their goals through individual, one-on-one support. They can help you to:

  • Develop a personal education or employment plan for achieving your goals
  • Focus on your strengths and skills
  • Apply to college or university
  • Prepare for employment
  • Develop self-advocacy and problem-solving skills

The POGO School and Work Transitions Program offers tools and technologies that can help you explore your career options. POGO counsellors will give you ongoing support to help you stay motivated and to keep you moving forward throughout the process of applying for school or work. POGO counsellors can also give you access to free resources that will help you achieve your goals.

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Last reviewed: 10/13/2022
Last modified: 10/30/2023 10:50 AM
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