​​​Meet Dr. Patricia Brooks, Oral Pathologist

Princess Margaret’s Dental Oncology and Maxillofacial Prosthetics Clinic plays an important role in supporting patients before, during, and after their cancer care. Patients can also receive a diagnosis of oral cancer within the dental clinic, through the High-Risk Oral Lesion (HROL) Clinic.

Image of Dr. BrooksDr. Patricia Brooks is an Oral Pathology and Oral Medicine specialist in the Dental Oncology Clinic and lead of the HROL Clinic. Her dental specialties focus on lesions of the mouth and oral manifestations of systemic disease (when diseases that affect other organs cause symptoms or conditions in the mouth). Dr. Brooks sees patients with many conditions of the oral cavity (mouth, including lips, lining of the cheeks and lips, tongue, gums, and roof of the mouth). Her goal is to detect oral cancer in its earliest stages, when treatments are less invasive and the outcomes for patients are better.

After completing her PhD in Molecular Biology in 2020, Dr. Brooks began her current research project in the Bratman Research Laboratory within the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre as a Post-Doctoral Fellow. Her focus is on early detection of oral cancer through the use of liquid (saliva and blood) biopsies. Liquid biopsies have the potential to be a less invasive form of monitoring and early detection for cancer in high-risk people.

Dr. Brooks is also co-lead of the Mouth Screening Clinic, where she sees patients together with Head and Neck Oncologic Surgeon, Dr. Jonathan Irish. Patients are moved into this clinic for management of complex cases for diagnosis and/or treatment.

Dr. Brooks firmly believes that “The best chance for survival for those with oral cancer is early detection. Patients should speak up if they notice something unusual in their mouths. Their dentist or family physician can provide them with a referral to have an examination with an oral pathologist or other dental specialist.”

Find out more about the High Risk Oral Lesion Clinic at the Dental Oncology and Maxillofacial Prosthetics Clinic and how to refer patients.

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Last reviewed: 7/5/2022
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