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Prostate Artery Embolization - D-8717350683/20/2019 4:30:51 PMProstate Artery Embolization Information for patients with an enlarged prostate, their families and caregivers : • What prostate artery embolization is • How to prepare • What to 3047
My Surgery Guide - 5654360511/22/2021 8:04:32 PMMy Surgery An Information Guide and Personal-Care Tool Use this as a guide and personal tool during your surgical journey at University Health Network. 5 th edition 6214
Life After Heart Surgery - D-328846229/23/2022 7:56:36 PMLife After Heart Surgery Information for patients and their families after heart surgery Read this booklet to learn about • What to do before you leave the hospital 5
Music Therapy: for inpatients at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre - D-8591352834/27/2022 9:14:43 PM• What happens in a music therapy session • Do I need training in music to take part in music therapy • How can I get music therapy sessions • Where can I get more information Body 444
Preparing for Your Surgery: Minimally Invasive Hysterectomy - D-3394352998/28/2017 3:09:31 PMMinimally invasive hysterectomy: Preparing for your surgery and recovery at home How to prepare for your surgery What to expect on the day of surgery How to care for yourself at home 3415
Limits On Who Can Enter UHN During the COVID-19 Pandemic 348967/14/2022 8:55:57 PMLimits On Who Can Enter UHN and Essential Care Partners (ECPs) and Visitor Guide (Combined version of earlier brochures: “Limits on Who Can Enter UHN During the COVID-19 16376
Mask Policy at UHN: For patients and Essential Care Partners360587/15/2022 1:51:06 AM What is a Universal Masking Policy Everyone must still wear a medical mask while inside the UHN hospitals until further notice :  patients coming to the hospital for appointments 5379
COVID-19 Vaccines and Cancer: What You Need to Know360737/5/2022 5:19:08 PMFor people with cancer and their families Read this brochure to learn about :  why people with cancer should get a COVID-19 vaccine  how the vaccines work and how they are given  why 4906
Virtual Visits Using Microsoft Teams: a quick guide for patients - D-8870359315/31/2022 3:20:53 PMYou will have an online appointment, or a virtual visit, with your care provider using Microsoft Teams (Teams Teams is a secure, private and confidential software 5013
Taking Care of Your Skin During Radiation Therapy - D-5948359106/8/2022 6:12:25 PMRead this pamphlet to learn about • What a radiation skin reaction is • How to take care of your skin during therapy • What to do if you have a skin reaction Tell us as soon as you 8710