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Free and Low Cost Physical Activity Programs for Adults in Toronto - D-5700352415/18/2023 7:14:25 PMRead this guide to learn where to find physical activity programs near you including activities offered by Some fitness programs may charge more fees for materials or supplies 1020
Driving Services to Medical Appointments - D-5166347272/22/2023 3:14:28 PMDriving Services to Medical Appointments For patients and families in Toronto and the GTA • This is a list of community agencies that offer driving services to medical appointments 18637
Possible Risks of CT Scans: information for inpatients - D-58093510310/19/2022 12:49:33 PMPossible Risks of CT Scans: Risk information for inpatients (patients staying overnight in hospital Read this brochure to learn more about the possible risks of CT scans and what 7504
Sexual and Gender Diversity + Cancer: A guide to resources in the community - D-57377441711/8/2022 1:34:03 PMDeveloped by the Sexual and Gender Diversity in Cancer Care Working Group Princess Margaret Cancer Centre More information: Social media 1790
A Guide to Finding Therapy for People Dealing with Trauma - D-87893473511/3/2022 8:20:16 PMTalking to your health care provider about your mental health concerns is an important step towards feeling better They can support you, provide help and guide your progress 1746
Grief, Bereavement and Loss: a guide to coping with loss after the death of a loved one - D-53573486812/12/2022 5:49:04 PMCoping with the death of a loved one is a personal experience There is no normal or perfect way to respond It is our hope that this booklet will • Help you understand your feelings of 3663
Pureed Foods for People with Dysphagia - D-8632349317/7/2022 5:08:04 PMPureed Foods for People with Dysphagia Information for patients and families Read this booklet to learn about Dysphagia is the medical word for difficulty with chewing and 46187
What You Need to Know About Living Donor Liver Transplant - D-57023580810/28/2022 5:59:49 PMWhat You Need to Know about Living Donor Liver Transplant For liver transplant candidates at the Toronto General Hospital and the Hospital for Sick Children You can be a donor if 6269
CT Scan - D-3362351012/22/2023 3:34:25 PMCT Scan Information for patients and families • How to prepare for the scan • Who to contact if you have any questions : Form: D-33622 What is a CT Scan Only 1 to 3 out of 2510
Mesothelioma: information and support resources - D-50092275611/3/2022 3:00:02 PMThe following are credible and up-to-date websites where you can find information that may be helpful to you and your family This website has detailed information about many 55

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