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Breast Cancer Surgery and Pain - D-50693470910/2/2019 1:35:03 PMBreast Cancer Surgery and Pain For women who have had breast surgery Read this pamphlet to learn about : • Pain after surgery • What you need to know about pain • What you need to know 227
myUHN Patient Portal: for patients - Chinese351572/21/2018 2:54:47 PM) 在網上獲取您的大學健康網絡(UHN)個人健康記錄 myUHN 患者門戶是一個安全的網站,您可以通過它 › 在您的預約、就醫結果和診所記錄一旦準備就緒時,即能上網查看 › 與他人分享您的資訊 › 跟蹤和管理您的醫療保健資訊 › 和您的醫療保健服務提供者預約體檢和就診 Patient Experience myUHN 患者門戶是什麼 › 您可能在下一次就診之前即 58
After Your Vitrectomy or Scleral Buckle - D-3005353337/29/2019 3:56:03 PMAfter Your Vitrectomy or Scleral Buckle For patients going home after day surgery at Toronto Western Hospital Read this brochure to learn more about : • how to take care of your eye 7850
My Spinal Surgery: before the surgery - D-5763352852/4/2019 9:45:14 PMThe Spinal Surgery Team has prepared this insert containing information to help prepare you and your family for your surgery It has information about what will happen before 1181
What You Need to Know About Your Personal Health Information: for myUHN users - D-85311617475/6/2022 3:37:10 PMInformation for patients and families using myUHN Patient Portal : • what personal health information is • the different kinds of personal health information you can see in myUHN • how 3937
Early Mobility When Self-Isolating at Home With COVID-19355862/10/2022 7:38:47 PMFor patients who are self-isolating at home For your daily activities:  Walk to the bathroom when you need to pee or poo.  Sit in a chair for all meals.  Stand at the sink to 153
Food Safety: for patients with weakened immune systems - D-5706352388/27/2018 1:26:28 PMPatient Education Improving health through education Please visit the UHN Patient Education website for more health information: © 2018 University Health 1226
How to Self-bandage Your Hand(s) and Arm(s) to Reduce Lymphedema (Swelling) - D-86053531411/14/2019 8:20:15 PMHow to Self-Bandage Your Hand(s) and Arm(s) to Reduce Lymphedema For patients with upper body lymphedema (swelling) who have had treatment for cancer (breast, melanoma, sarcoma 16101
How to Self-bandage Your Leg(s) and Feet to Reduce Lymphedema (Swelling) - D-8519354916/25/2019 1:54:12 PMHow to Self-Bandage Your Leg(s) and Feet to Reduce Lymphedema (Swelling) For patients with lower body lymphedema who have had treatment for cancer, including: • Removal of lymph 31280
Relaxation Techniques to Relieve Stress - D-5560356634/20/2015 7:15:42 PMRead this pamphlet to learn ways to relax to help you manage stress and lower anxiety : • deep breathing • relaxing your muscles • repeating words that make you feel relaxed 2633