About Cardiac Biopsies (Post Heart Transplantation)


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What We Do

A cardiac biopsy post heart transplantation is a procedure done on patients who have had a heart transplant. It is the only reliable means of diagnosing rejection. It is performed on a regular schedule or when your team suspects you may have rejection. 

Your doctor uses a small tube that's inserted into the vein in your neck or occasionally the groin. Under fluoroscopy (a special x-ray), a biopsy instrument is guided through the tube in your neck into the right ventricle in your heart where 4 to 5 pieces of tissue are taken.

Hours & Contact

Toronto General Hospital
Biopsies are done on Thursday mornings.

As a heart transplant recipient you will have access to the transplant office via a communication system called Easy Call. You will be provided further information regarding accessing Easy Call once you have received your transplant.

If you have a concern or problem or need to reschedule an appointment please contact the transplant office through Easy Call.

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