​​​Our hospital offers a range of amenities and activities available to you as a patient or visitor.

Food and Retail Services


Presse Café


Retail Pharmacy

Information, Security and Lost & Found

Information Desks

The information desk in the Main Lobby serves as a vital resource for patients and visitors. Positioned at the heart of the facility, friendly and knowledgeable staff and volunteers provide essential assistance and guidance to anyone seeking information or direction within the hospital.

Patient & Family Library

With a greater shift towards digital resources such as access to online journals, electronic library resources and audio visual media, the Resource Centre is a knowledge hub for patients, families, staff, physicians, volunteers and students to access educational materials and information. Located by the main entrance, the space includes computer workstations, study spaces, reading areas, private work areas and a small conference room for educational sessions and meetings.

You can also participate in classes, download eBooks and get other valuable resources through the Patient & Family Education Program at UHN.

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