Our first priority is caring for patients who visit our hospitals because they are acutely ill. These patients typically seek medical care through our Emergency Departments, and they may be experiencing heart attack, stroke, appendicitis or other rapid-onset conditions, or may have sustained a severe injury. More than 80,000 patients a year visit our Emergency Departments.

Our second priority is helping patients to manage their chronic diseases and to prevent further complications that may arise. Our team specializes in some of the most prevalent and complex conditions affecting Canadians: diabetes, asthma and other respiratory diseases, liver and kidney diseases, depression and addictions. In Ontario, 1 in 3 people live with 1 or more chronic diseases, and these diseases account for 70% of all deaths.

Our third priority is serving the needs of our local community and the different populations within our community. We do this by treating patients at our family health teams and within facilities outside our hospitals that are in our surrounding area. We offer services for patients from Chinese, Portuguese, Italian and Spanish populations and services specifically for women, men, expectant parents and seniors.

Our fourth priority is enhancing the medical care that all patients at UHN receive by providing services that address spiritual needs and ethical treatment. Our Spiritual Care staff members are available at all hours to be a compassionate support to patients and their families. Our Bioethics specialists assist patients in exploring their questions about making the right decision for their health care and in considering their options.

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