​​​​​​The Learner Assistance section is intended as a quick reference for UHN Clinical Learners who need personal assistance (including assistance related to an urgent or crisis situation).

If your health or safety, or the health or safety of someone else, is at risk, please activate the appropriate UHN emergency code(dial ext. 5555), call 911 and/or seek medical attention right away.

If immediate UHN security assistance is necessary, please activate the appropriate UHN emergency code (dial ext. 5555) or contact Security.

Personal Crisis

If you are having a personal crisis, know that you are not alone and there are many people and places that can help. If your health or safety, or the health or safety of someone else is at risk, please activate a UHN emergency code, call 911 and/or seek medical attention right away as appropriate.

UHN Learner Contacts

In addition to contacting your own educational institution and/or professional associations (as appropriate) for help, you may want to reach out to someone at UHN. Should you experience a challenging situation with your placement, the hospital, your supervisor or another student at UHN, please contact a UHN Clinical Education Leader during regular business hours. Please select the most appropriate contact from the list below.

UHN Medical Students:

Andrea Page, Director Wightman-Berris Academy
Tel: 416 340 4832

UHN Medical Residents and Fellows:

Ahmed Al-Awamer, Director UHN Postgraduate Medical Education
Tel: 416 946 4501 x4270

​All other UHN health professions learners

Jasmine Sheehan, Manager Student Services
Tel: 416 340 4800 x6242


UHN is a respectful, caring, and inclusive workplace. If you require accommodation, please be aware this is a collaborative process between your academic site, yourself and UHN. Please contact your academic institution’s placement coordinator to facilitate the process.

Additional Support and Resources for Learners at UHN

In addition to supports that may be available from your own school, this section provides information and links to UHN resources that may be helpful (please note, these Intranet links are only accessible from a UHN campus, and do not connect you directly to assistance).

  • UHN Workplace Ethics and Civility Helpline (Tel: 416 340 3344) - An advisor will provide advice, answer questions, and assist you in interpreting the Code or the Fostering Respect in the Workplace policy about incivility, harassment or discrimination. Available Monday through Friday, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., this service is confidential.
  • Diversity and Mediation at UHN - The University Health Network is committed to creating an inclusive environment that values diversity and encourages people to contribute their personal best. ​Diversity and Mediation Services helps achieve these goals through training, coaching and advice, as well as through the resolution of diversity-related conflict.
  • UHN WalkSafe - The Walk Safe program was introduced to provide staff and learners added security while walking between their vehicle and work at any time of the day. Staff members can call UHN Security to arrange for an officer to escort them to work from their parked vehicle and back to their vehicle at the end of their shift. For added convenience, you can call from home to arrange a time to meet an officer, or from a cellular phone as you are about to arrive. Once your shift is done for the day, call back and a security officer will make sure you are walked safely to your vehicle. For more information about Walk-Safe and Call-Safe programs at UHN, please visit the corporate intranet​.
  • UHN Security Tips - for keeping you and your environment safe.
  • Report a safety event at UHN - Incident Reporting (including Incident Reporting for Learners)
  • Wellness at UHN - Wellness services for staff and learners
  • BRITE™ (Building Resilience within Institutions Together with Employees) at UHN - is a novel workplace program aimed at improving well-being and engagement through the cultivation of individual resilience. It is an evidence informed, “do it yourself” methodology that takes a minute or so to do and helps develop the skills to respond effectively to stressful situations. Visit BRITETM to learn more.

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