​The Academic Operations and Quality portfolio, located at the St. Patrick Campus and serving the School of Applied Health Sciences at The Michener Institute of Education at UHN, works at the broadest sense to poise students for success in their academic and professional careers. This starts with ensuring they are the right fit for our programs, and continues through their course work, clinical placements and ultimately, Convocation. Over the last year, we've made enormous strides in supporting students through the changing health care landscape.

Registrar's Office

The Registrar's Office, located at the St. Patrick Campus, is responsible for the recruitment, admission, registration and academic records of all advanced diploma, graduate certificate and certificate program students and provides registration and records services for all part-time continuing education students. The department administers bursaries, scholarships, awards and OSAP to provide financial assistance for students. The Registrar's Office acts as the first point of contact as students start their journey at Michener through to graduation. Students connect in-person, by telephone, via email and at recruitment and liaison visits throughout the province. The department also coordinates onsite events, tours and recruitment activities.

The Office for Clinical Education (OCE)

All full-time and some part-time programs require a clinical placement practicum, where students gain entry-to-practice competence. Michener has long-standing relationships with many clinical partners across the province and for some programs, across the country. The Office works closely with the academic programs to confirm the number of required clinical placements annually and to identify new strategies to address clinical placement requirements. The department maintains affiliation agreements with clinical and academic partners and plays a key role in maintaining relationships with clinical partners through the administration of the status appointment program and professional development opportunities. This includes: the annual Professional Development Day for Clinical Educators, the Certificate in Clinical Education, and customized lunch and learn information sessions. The Office also oversees the clinical placement assignment process for students and the End of Rotation Student Survey.

Student Success Network (SSN)

The Student Success Network is here to help students learning at the School of Applied Health Sciences. Services available to students include accommodations and accessibility, coaching and counselling, peer tutoring, learning supports, student health insurance, test centre, graduate job postings and Michener's Career Fair. SSN contributes to the student experience by providing opportunities for social integration and wellness. This includes the athletics and recreation program, Student Council and student groups/clubs on campus.

Centre of Academic Quality (CAQ)

The Centre for Academic Quality (CAQ) Department, located at the St. Patrick Campus, provides project and process management support to the academic area. CAQ works closely with Academic Chairs, faculty, and departments such as the Centre for Learning, Innovation and Simulation, Applied Education Research, and the Office for Clinical Education due to the integrated nature of the projects and processes which require collaboration and continuous, efficient and effective information sharing across the organization. A few major responsibilities of the department currently include academic program accreditation, academic HR planning and workloads, policies and procedure development, process mapping and improvement, institutional reporting, MMI case selection and development and rater training, and program and departmental CQI support. 

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