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Smoking Cessation


There are different ways to stop smoking and using tobacco. It may also take more than one try to quit completely and you are more likely to quit if you have help. The right option depends on your health, your habits, and other needs.

In person, telephone or online counseling may make it easier for you to quit smoking and can help you deal with stress, understand why you smoke, and help you manage mood changes. If you want support to quit or reduce smoking, you can get help from these programs and services before, during and after cancer treatment:

UHN Smoking Cessation Program

photo of a UHN pharmacist

Participating UHN Outpatient Pharmacies at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, Toronto General Hospital and Toronto Western Hospital offer a free, one-on-one, smoking cessation consultation service with a trained pharmacist. The program also offers access to prescription smoking cessation aids and a variety of nicotine replacement products.

An UHN Outpatient Pharmacist can:

  • Work with you to find reasons why it is important to quit
  • Help you to understand your triggers for smoking and give you a plan on how to deal with them
  • Provide you with helpful tips and information
  • Work with you to get the most out of your medication

The pharmacy smoking cessation program is a free service available to all, including UHN patients, family members and employees. A referral is not needed for program enrolment.

How to join

To join or to learn more about pharmacy smoking cessation programs available at UHN, send an email to, visit or contact one of the participating UHN Outpatient Pharmacies below:

Princess Margaret Cancer Centre Outpatient Pharmacy
Toronto Western Hospital - Shoppers Drug Mart
Toronto General Hospital Outpatient Pharmacy


Other information and support services

Below is a list of other services and programs that can help you quit.

Princess Margaret Patient & Family Library
Nicotine Dependence Clinic (CAMH)


Smoker's Help Line (Canadian Cancer Society)


Last reviewed: 8/19/2015
Last modified: 5/23/2017 12:50 PM