It’s flu season! Please do not visit any of our admitted patients while you are sick. If you must visit, please tell the unit manager, nurse or unit clerk that you are sick when you arrive.


Milestone reached
Thirty per cent of Ontarians are registered to be organ and tissue donors at end of life.​
9/28/2015 11:33 PM10/12/2015 12:00 AM10Link to Ontario reaches organ donation milestone storyPhoto of Lisa HuhnPhoto of Lisa Huhn
Gut reaction
Researchers study stool samples to see how bacteria in digestive system can affect weight.​
9/29/2015 12:00 AM10/12/2015 12:00 AM20Link to Clue to obesity’s cause may be found in the gut storyPhoto of Dr. Herbert GaisanoPhoto of Dr. Herbert Gaisano
Best and brightest
Michener community comes together to recognize student achievements​
9/30/2015 10:00 AM10/14/2015 12:00 AM30Link to Celebrating Michener’s best and brightest at Student Awards Ceremony storyPhoto of Dr. Peter PistersPhoto of Dr. Peter Pisters
Dance to remember
Bride shares wedding tradition with father recovering from rare neurological disorder​
9/30/2015 11:00 AM10/14/2015 12:00 AM40Link to Wheelchair wedding dance to remember storyPhoto of Alanna Monas and her fatherPhoto of Alanna Monas and her father
Flu outbreak lessons
Nurse manager discusses impact, key learnings and why we should all fight the flu​​
9/30/2015 11:00 AM10/14/2015 12:00 AM50Link to Lessons learned from a flu outbreak for the upcoming season storyPhoto of Zelia SouterPhoto of Zelia Souter
Renewing UHN
New Purpose, Values and Prinicples launched as foundation for organizational renewal​​
9/30/2015 11:00 AM10/14/2015 12:00 AM60Link to UHN PVP celebrationsPhoto of Velma BaileyThumbnail Photo of  Velma Bailey