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The Cancer Journey

Prevention & Detection

Learn about lowering your risk and screening for cancer. Discover our rapid diagnosis programs.

Read about preventing and detecting cancer »

Just Diagnosed

Understand your diagnosis. Get to know who will be part of your team. Find resources to help you and how to get support.

Find out what to know when you are diagnosed with cancer »

In Treatment

Know your treatment options and get help with treatment decision-making. Prepare for and manage the possible side effects.

Find out what to know when you are getting cancer treatment »

After Treatment

Learn about what happens after treatment and how to get support. Focus on wellness, healthy living and getting the most out of life.

Find out what to know when you are done cancer treatment »

Toolkit by Patients

This toolkit was made with cancer survivors for cancer survivors and can offer insight in some aspects of living with cancer.

See the toolkit made by cancer survivors »

Tools and Worksheets

Find useful worksheets, a calendar, contact sheet and other tools to help you keep track of appointments, names of your team, how you’re feeling and more.

See all tools and worksheets »

Community Resources

Find resources in your community to help you at every stage of the cancer journey.

See a list of community resources »
Last reviewed: 4/12/2017
Last modified: 10/16/2017 9:48 AM