Krembil Discovery Tower

Researcher at the Krembil Discovery Tower 

Our world-class research centre – the Krembil Discovery Tower – opened in 2013, as the new research space for our scientists, Altum Health and the Tanz Centre for Neurodegenerative Diseases.

This state-of-the-art facility marks the beginning of a new era in research for Toronto Western Hospital and the Toronto Western Research Institute. Cutting-edge research means better patient care.

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 About Krembil Research

Krembil Neuroscience Centre has a large number of clinicians who are dedicated to performing research to help improve current treatments. We work in partnership with Toronto Western Research Institute. Our researchers are focusing on many areas. Read more »

 Our research projects

We conducted the world’s first clinical trial to treat Early Alzheimer’s Disease with Deep Brain Stimulation in 2010. Building on the success of the first study, we are leading a Phase II clinical trial for Deep Brain Stimulation and Alzheimer’s. Our centre is also home to the Canadian Sports Concussion Project, which examines the possible correlation between repeated concussions and late deterioration of brain function. ​

 Our Recent Firsts

Our team has accomplished many milestones in Canada and in North America over the last 12 years alone.
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 Research at UHN

As Canada’s largest research hospital, UHN has a proud history of innovative research and important discoveries. Learn about the full scope of our research »

 Support our Research

Our Brain Campaign has helped us build our new world-class research centre, the Krembil Discovery Tower, and our next step is to provide our researchers with the tools, labs and support they need to undertake ground-breaking research. Read more »

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