It’s flu season! Please do not visit any of our admitted patients while you are sick. If you must visit, please tell the unit manager, nurse or unit clerk that you are sick when you arrive.

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Our Recent Firsts

  • 2001 First in North America to use deep brain stimulation to treat patients with advanced stage Parkinson’s disease
  • 2003 Use of Deep Brain Stimulation for treatment of drug resistant depression
  • 2009 Outpatient craniotomy for aneurysm
  • 2009 First in Canada to use laser-based brain bypass surgery
  • 2010 Use of Deep Brain Stimulation for Alzheimer’s disease
  • 2010 First Canadian stem cell transplant program for eye disease
  • 2011 Identification of 5 genes responsible for late-onset Alzheimer’s disease
  • 2012 Development of a drug that protects brain from stroke damage