New Mobile App for Your Surgery Preparation and Recovery

At UHN, we are always looking to improve patient care. We have partnered with Vivify Health to make a web and mobile app available to UHN patients who will be having surgery. The app, which we call MyCareConnection, is a remote care management system that provides key education, reminders and connects you directly with your care team through video calls and texting.

What is it?

MyCareConnection is an interactive, step-by-step tool to help you prepare for your surgery and support your recovery afterwards. You can access the app, for free, on your smartphone. The app will guide you through the stages of your surgery.

  1. Before your surgery, the app will provide:
    • Helpful messages to help you manage
    • To-do lists to help you prepare for surgery
    • Access to a self-care library with information on different surgery topics
  2. After your surgery, the app will provide:
    • Messages about what to expect with your recovery
    • To-do lists designed to help you recover safer and faster
    • Daily or weekly symptom checks to make sure you’re recovering well at home

Who can use it?

We spent a lot of time customizing and configuring the tool to be just right for our specific patient groups. Although we hope that one day everyone at UHN can use the app, at this time only certain patient groups can access it. Talk to your care team to see if you can participate.

Sample reminders & check-ins