​​​​​​​​Access SCOPE by Email

In addition to calling SCOPE, you can submit your usual requests or questions by email (provided you have a secure ONE Mail-enabled email account):

Option 1    Internist On-call:
Option 2    Home and Community Care Coordinator​:
Option 3    Nurse Navigator:
Option 4    Medical Imaging:​

​​​The Faces of SCOPE

Internist On-Call - Dr. Tara O’Brien

Internist On-Call:
Dr. Tara O’Brien

CCAC Coordinator: Michelle Simpson

Home and Community Care Coordinator​:
Michelle Simpson

SCOPE Hub Acute Care Nurse - Maggie Rybak

Nurse Navigator:
Maggie Rybak

SCOPE Physician Lead - Dr. Pauline Pariser

SCOPE Physician Lead:
Dr. Pauline Pariser

Health Coach- Shauna Biernacki

RN Health Coach:
Shauna Biernacki

Health Coach- Winnie Wong

RN Health Coach:
​Winnie Wong​

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