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York - UHN Nursing Academy

​​​​​​​The York-UHN Nursing Academy aligns with the mission of the School of Nursing at York University and the nursing community at UHN. Both are committed to creating a culture of caring that fosters learning and the development of knowledge, research and practice.

The Academy is a virtual and physical centre linking UHN and York University and provides a gateway to new research and educational opportunities for nurses and other health professionals affiliated with both organizations.


Priority Projects​

Diploma RN to MScN Web Delivery Option

This option arose out of the need for new technology to service a multi-disciplinary team of experts. A proposal was made to the Academic Innovation Fund at York University, and the team was awarded funding. Work is in the process of being completed for a web delivery option of the RN to MScN program.

Academy Link with the CICC, the Patient Empowerment Program

​We continue to work with actor Rob Hawke to advance his performance of Norm Versus Cancer, a play that explores patient-centered care and issues of patient safety.

RN Health Coach

In collaboration with nurse leaders at UHN and Southlake Regional Health Centre, a provincially-funded program offers four RNs as Coaching Partners for people with diabetes.

Professor Gail Mitchell​, is the Director and Chair.

For information contact​:​

Nadine Cross, Research Associate, at or by telephone at 416 340 4800 ext. 8893​