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​​​​​​​MAID intervention will be delivered in hospital by intravenous administration only.

Patients who are not already in the hospital will return for the intervention as out-patients. The intervention will take place on any hospital unit with an available bed. If possible, units where patients have previously been admitted will be used.

For patients who are already staying in the hospital, intervention will take place on the unit. However, admissions will not be prolonged for the purposes of MAID.

    • Patients may be transferred to any UHN in-patient unit which meets their care needs. A patient's request for MAID will not affect location of care.
    • Patients who can be discharged home or to a community palliative care unit during the MAID process can return as outpatients for MAID intervention.
The MAID Clinical Coordinator will: The MAID Clinical coordinator is a dedicated UHN staff position who coordinates in all aspects of the MAID assessment and intervention across all UHN sites.
  • Schedule the intervention physician appointment and advise the patient to bring a witness with them if they are not able to sign a form.
  • Discuss the location, timing and holistic plan, including who will be present, and additional comforts such as music, readings, pet visitation, food, and more, with the patient.
  • Make a mandatory referral to the Trillium Gift of Life Network.
  • Coordinate a team meeting with the site-based
         MAID Care Team     Each UHN site will be supported by a MAID Care Team consisting of the site Clinical Director, Unit Clinical Manager/Patient Care Coordinator, MAID Advanced Practice Nurse (APN), and Pharmacy Lead.
    , to ensure logistical planning and staff support.
  • Assist the patient and their family through the intervention process.

The intervention physician will:

  • Meet with the patient to confirm their request for MAID, verify capacity and obtain informed consent.
  • Inform the patient, if they are found to be incapable of making health care decisions at this time, that they will have the same options as they do during the assessment phase.
  • The MRP, and any hospital staff familiar with the patient, may choose to be present to support the patient and family during the intervention.
  • Immediately before providing MAID, the patient will be asked to express consent to MAID and be given an opportunity to withdraw their request.
  • MAID will be delivered according to the IV Protoc​ol for MAID Intervention.
  • The Intervention Team will remain at the bedside until declaration of death.
  • Staff will provide support to the family, including escorting them to the chapel or a quiet room, as needed.
  • The MAID Coordinator will:
    1. Contact the Coroner’s office.
    2. Notify family, if not present.
    3. Complete UHN Form 2020.
    4. Work with floor staff to follow the Care After Death policy before transferring the patient to either the funeral home or morgue.
  • The MAID Staff Support Team, consisting of a clinician from spiritual care, bioethics, social work and psychiatry, will be available to staff on the medical unit, as needed.
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