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​​​​​​​​ Conducting eligibility assessments with the patient

The MAID assessment team, consisting of voluntary MAID medical specialists, palliative care physicians, and psychiatrists will determine eligibility and capacity. Upon receiving the Patient MAID Request Form and the MRP MAID Request Form, two physicians will conduct assessment interviews at the clinic of the MRP for out-patients, and at the bedside for in-patients. These appointments will be scheduled sequentially if possible and preferable for the patient. The assessments will be scheduled as soon as possible, ideally within one week.

The two assessment physicians will meet to decide on the patient's eligibility and the required reflection period. They will determine eligibility based on the following three criteria:

If the patient is eligible for MAID
  • The patient will be given the Patient MAID Request Form to sign. ​
  • The patient will receive a notification letter that:
    1. Advises the patient to call the
      ​MAID Clinical Coordinator will:      The MAID Clinical coordinator is a dedicated UHN staff position who coordinates in all aspects of the MAID assessment and intervention across all UHN sites.
      (16-5628) at least three working days before the date of desired intervention.​
    1. Informs the patient that the intervention can only occur after the reflection period and that they must still be capable of providing informed consent at the time of the intervention.
  • The MRP, Assessment and Intervention Teams will hold a case review meeting to ensure coordination and readiness of all staff involved.
  • Best supportive care should remain available to the patient during the reflection period.
  • The MAID Clinical Coordinator will schedule the Intervention appointment and coordinate the preparation for the intervention.
If the patient is not eligible for MAID​

If the patient is deemed incapable:

  • Initiate a psychiatric referral, if due to a mental health condition.
  • Patients can be re-assessed at a later date, if their mental health improves.

If the patient’s medical condition is deemed not grievous or irremediable:

  • Patients have the right to request alternate MAID physicians by asking their MRP to make a referral through the Ministry of Health referral support line: 1 844 243 5880.

If the patient’s decision is deemed not voluntary:

  • Consult bioethics
  • Consider a referral for psychosocial care
Ineligible patients will receive a notification letter informing them of the reasons for the finding, and options for seeking assessment outside of UHN.
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