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Behind the Breakthrough​

What are the most promising treatments emerging to fight Covid-19? Can we create pacemaker stem cells and eliminate the need for surgically implanted electronic pacemakers? How do we leverage Artificial Intelligence to help us live longer at home? Is it possible to design a computer chip that monitors brain waves and stops epileptic seizures before they even happen? Every day over 1,000 scientists at UHN pursue answers and solutions to the most profound health issues and diseases. For each and every researcher the pursuit of better treatments and discovering cures is personal. You can feel their passion in these intimate one-on-one conversations about their pioneering work and revealing personal stories of how they got to where they are today.

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UHN Home: Celebrating Canada 150 through stories.

We’re telling stories about the diversity at UHN: stories about our employees who have come from around the world and work at UHN, and stories about employees whose families have called Canada home for more than 150 years.​​

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From Our Programs

Living Transplant

Living Transplant, a new podcast from the Ajmera Transplant Centre and the Centre for Living Organ Donation.

Join hosts Brittany Cole (Bedside Nurse, Ajmera Transplant Centre) and Courtney Mahrt (Communications, Centre for Living Organ Donation) as they explore transplantation through the perspectives of frontline staff, researchers, innovators, and transplant pioneers, as well as organ donation recipients, living organ donors, families and caregivers.