Toronto (June 9, 2010) - Canada's population is growing and aging, and most Canadians want to 'age in place'. The big question is how to support people in their own homes as they grow older, and how to ease the demands on informal caregivers.

Toronto Rehab's new +9 Research Report spotlights some of our best ideas to help people stay independent as they age. These approaches can also assist individuals of all ages who are living with disabling injury and illness.

On the pages of +9, you can read, for example, about "intelligent" technologies and safety-enhancing devices for the home. We're also working on ways for people to enjoy winter safely, including better non-slip footwear.

For those who've already experienced disability or disease, our scientists are devising strategies to keep people out of hospital, such as community exercise programs.

Much of our research is about speeding recovery and getting people home from hospital in better shape. Toronto Rehab scientists are also coming up with ways to support people once they return home from hospital.

Our magazine-style research report highlights an array of "great gadgets," including assistive technologies, devices and products now starting to reach market where they can benefit people.

In +9, you will meet people who have benefitted from Toronto Rehab research, and some of the scientists, clinicians, students, trainees and support staff who are part of a talented team that is advancing rehabilitation science.

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