Toronto (Dec. 11, 2017) – University Health Network, in partnership with Saint Elizabeth Health Care, announced today the opening of the Hillcrest Reactivation Centre.

Hillcrest fills a gap in the health care system by providing an innovative reactivation and reintegration model that focuses each client, their family, and their care team on the goals of going home with the appropriate supports in place.

The purpose of Hillcrest is 3-fold:

  1. To reduce Alternate Level of Care (ALC) pressures on acute care hospitals within the Toronto Central Local Health Integration Network (TC-LHIN).
  2. To return each client back to their community after a period of reactivation in a supportive setting, outside of the acute care hospitals, thereby reducing the need for Long Term Care Home placement.
  3. To mitigate the risk of re-admission to acute care hospitals, by ensuring the right supports are in place to keep clients living safely in their communities.

Hillcrest Reactivation Centre offers the following spaces:

  • 25 beds for clients with mental health complexities
  • 25 beds for clients requiring dementia focused services
  • 25 beds for medically frail clients
  • 50 ambulatory spaces in a transitional day program
  • A nurse practitioner clinic, to assist with clinical intake and assessment; provide more complex clinical care as required; and assist with transitions of care for complex clients, especially around medications and primary care follow-up.

The average length of stay at Hillcrest is aimed to be 60 days and all TC-LHIN hospitals can refer clients to Hillcrest.

With strong support from the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care and the TC-LHIN, Hillcrest aims to expand the current level of support and services available to ALC clients. 

Hillcrest will also be working closely with other health service provider leads to build capacity for Short Term Transitional Care Models (STTC) across the TC-LHIN.

More information, including admission criteria, will be provided to each TC-LHIN hospital, to support them in assessing clients and determining their appropriateness for the Centre.

For immediate questions, contact the Hillcrest Service Coordinator at 416-531-2626 x 229.

"The investment in the Hillcrest Reactivation Centre is part of our government's commitment to increasing access to the right care in the right setting.  This funding is further evidence of how we are putting patients first and improving the performance of our health care system." - Dr. Eric Hoskins, Minister of Health and Long-Term Care

"Hillcrest Reactivation Centre will offer patients transitioning from hospital the opportunity to work together with a supportive team, to optimize their return to the community. By collaborating with Saint Elizabeth Health Care, we are looking forward to contributing to this evolution of Ontario's health care system." - Susan Jewell, Senior Vice President and Executive Lead for Toronto Rehab

"Saint Elizabeth Health Care is a skilled, experienced partner in the community, and will be collaborating with TC-LHIN Home and Community Care to meet the care and reintegration needs of clients. "We look forward to helping people return to their own homes and communities, with the right care and supports for health and wellbeing. This is a wonderful example of how we can be partnering to improve access to care across the health system." - Shirlee Sharkey, CEO of Saint Elizabeth Health Care

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