Toronto (Oct. 19, 2010) - Dr. Angela Colantonio, a Toronto Rehab Senior Scientist and Holder of the Saunderson Family Chair in Acquired Brain Injury, has received the Brain Injury Association of Canada 2010 Research Award.

The award is granted to an individual, group or organization “for their outstanding contribution in research to advance the cause of acquired brain injury in Canada.”

Dr. Colantonio was recognized “for her efforts and leadership on a number of research fronts including and not limited to traumatic brain injuries in the construction industry, homelessness and acquired brain injury and women and traumatic brain injury.”

“Brain injuries are among the most devastating of all injuries, and even a mild brain injury can have huge consequences for survivors and their families,” says Dr. Colantonio. “I’m honoured that the Brain Injury Association of Canada has chosen to recognize my research in this important area.”

Last year, Dr. Colantonio made headlines with a study about brain injury in the construction industry, which is known to have a high rate of serious brain injury. The study identified peak months and times of day when many construction-related brain injuries occur. The findings are being used in prevention efforts.

More recently, Dr. Colantonio and colleagues published results from the most comprehensive investigation to date of women’s health issues after traumatic brain injury. The study shed important light on how the injury affects fertility, pregnancy and postpartum health.

Dr. Colantonio is a professor in the Department of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy at the University of Toronto.

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