Toronto (Nov. 4, 2013) - The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation (The PMCF) launches an innovative Fall advertising campaign this month which focuses on the extraordinary team of 63 surgeons, all of whom who are integral reasons why the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre is one of the top 5 cancer research centres in the world.

Led by Dr. Jonathan Irish, Head of Surgical Oncology, The Princess Margaret boasts the largest surgical oncology program in Canada. These cancer surgeons clearly have very personal relationships with patients and their families. As one patient so eloquently wrote, "If Heaven has a cancer centre, it surely would be The Princess Margaret." It is all part of a commitment to lead the way in Personalized Cancer Medicine, which matches each patient's treatment to the exact type and stage of their tumour. Personalized Cancer Medicine will emerge as the new gold standard in cancer care at The Princess Margaret. Personalized Cancer Medicine will detect cancer earlier, diagnose cancer with more precision, target treatment for each individual through minimally-invasive surgical techniques, more precise radiation therapy, chemotherapy that is toxic only to cancer cells as well as new types of treatment, and support patients and their families through their cancer journey.

The surgical focus and the world-leading innovation being used at The Princess Margaret is being marketed across Canada all month, using an all-encompassing approach that includes extensive profiling in a print campaign, a series of videos profiling the surgeons and their innovative work to be showcased on our website ( and social media, transit ads, as well as innovatively displaying the surgical team on the exterior of the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre.

Dr. Shaf Keshavjee, Surgeon-in-Chief, Sprott Department of Surgery at University Health Network (UHN), said, "At The Princess Margaret (a member of UHN), our surgeons are conducting procedures in the operating room that have never been attempted before, thanks to new advanced technology and innovative techniques that have been developed here."

The Fall Campaign is part of The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation's Billion Dollar Challenge, which is a five-year program launched in the Spring of 2012. The Foundation's challenge is to raise $500 million through philanthropy while Princess Margaret researchers are challenged to secure the other $500 million through grants. This is the largest single fundraising campaign in the history of Canadian healthcare. Paul Alofs, President & CEO of The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation, said, "We are thrilled with the progress of our Billion Dollar Challenge. In eighteen months, we have exceeded $330 million, which is well ahead of our projected goal at this point. We still have a long way to go and need the support of our community in order to reach our target."

About the Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation

The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation at University Health Network raises funds for Personalized Cancer Medicine at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre and its research arm, the Ontario Cancer Institute, which now includes The Campbell Family Cancer Research Institute and The Campbell Family Institute for Breast Cancer Research.

About the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre

The Princess Margaret Cancer Centre has achieved an international reputation as a global leader in the fight against cancer and is at the forefront in delivering Personalized Cancer Medicine. The Princess Margaret, one of the top 5 international cancer research centres, is a member of the University Health Network, which also includes Toronto General Hospital, Toronto Western Hospital and Toronto Rehabilitation Institute.

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