To watch UHN's first TikTok video, click on the play button in the screen above. (Video: UHN)

Canada's largest academic health sciences centre is expanding its social media reach by joining Instagram and TikTok as @uhntoronto.

Led by Public Affairs & Communications, these new accounts will complement UHN's well-established Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn pages.

With more than 175,000 people already following those existing social media channels, TikTok and Instagram will help grow UHN's online presence and provide another platform to share inspiring stories.

"We need to meet people where they are – and that's on social media," says Gillian Howard, Vice President of Public Affairs & Communications at UHN.

"Throughout the pandemic, we have witnessed firsthand the impact of false information posted and spread online," she says. "By joining the conversations on TikTok and Instagram – some of the most popular social media channels out there – UHN can not only help educate the public and debunk myths, but also provide a behind-the-scenes look at this incredible organization, which transforms lives and communities through excellence in care, discovery and learning every day.

"We, no doubt, will have a lot to share."

UHN launched its Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn accounts in 2010. They have served as impactful channels to spread the word about inspiring healthcare and discoveries coming out of UHN, while illustrating the importance of having credible – and accessible – health information online.

The @uhntoronto accounts on both Instagram and TikTok will serve as UHN's only official branded accounts on those channels. You do not need an Instagram or TikTok account to access them.

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