About UHN Wellness

​​​Workplace wellness is a comprehensive approach to improving the health and well being of both employees and the organization. Research shows that wellness initiatives in the workplace improve overall health and provide economics benefits, for both the employee and the employer. A healthy organization translates into a more productive and resilient workforce.

"Workplace wellness at UHN is a strategy to assist UHN in meeting strategic objectives by developing a healthy business culture and encouraging and supporting employees' with their efforts to initiate and/or maintain a healthy work life"


Wellness Guiding Principles

  • Leadership for wellness exists at all levels of the organization
  • People are our most important resource at UHN
  • Wellness is a common goal, but individual approaches vary
  • Wellness at work interacts with wellness at home
  • We are all responsible for our own health and well-being
  • Wellness@UHN is about continuous improvement
  • UHN supports ​healthy living strategies



Healthy Minds;
Healthy Bodies;
Healthy Organization.​​



To promote, enhance and support behavioural changes in UHN staff to improve health and well-being at both an individual and at an organizational level.



  • To gain commitment and support of health enhancement programs and services at all levels at UHN
  • To decrease chronic disease risks factors and by promoting and encouraging healthy behaviours
  • To move those employees ready to change into action and encourage the stage of change process
  • To increase employee engagement, resiliency and work-life balance
  • To reduce the impact of absenteeism and disability costs
  • To create healthy policies at the individual and organizational level


Wellness is a part of life, inside and outside of work.
A healthier community translates into a healthier organization.
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