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2019-23 People Strategy Banner


Cultivate a vibrant organizational culture where TeamUHN can contribute its best for world-class care, discovery and learning and where our people are proud and excited to come to work.


Our Roles and Contributions

Create a meaningful and purposeful UHN experience to drive engagement and a strong sense of belonging

Inspire the best and brightest to join and stay at UHN

Celebrate excellence by rewarding all meaningful contributions

Empower People to take an active role in their learning journey

Improve role clarity and accountabilities

Our Work Environment

Foster an inclusive, healthy and engaging culture to support a diverse and safe environment where people can thrive

Develop inclusive and effective leadership at all levels

Build a healthy workplace that promotes care, engagement, performance and resilience

Drive greater collaboration, trust and teamwork

Model and expect behaviours aligned to our values

Our Impact and Legacy

Elevate our performance now and into the future to anticipate and adapt to continuous change

Offer flexible and innovative ways of working

Adapt to new roles and develop people for evolving job requirements

Augment UHN's digital capabilities to build resiliency and agility

Support data-driven people decision making