EPR for Student Nurses eLearning

Student nurses at all UHN sites need to complete the following eLearning course in order to gain access to the Electronic Patient Record System (EPR).  Please be sure to read all the subsequent instructions carefully. (Please note, loading may be slower during peak times).

You must register in UMLearns, UHN's Learner registration database before completing the EPR training in order to be credited with the course completion.  If you do not register in UMLearns prior to completing your mandatory elearning, your access will be delayed and you will have to re-do course content.  Click the UMLearns link above to register.

  • Click to launch the EPR for Nursing eLearning located within the Intro to EPR eLearning course. This eLearning is for all new hires, students, and Agency Nurses at UHN.

NOTE:  All Nurse Practitioner Students should take the EPR for Physicians training due to their expanded scope of practice.  Please contact UHN Student Services with any questions

If you have questions about which course to take, please contact