​Pathways Healthcare Scheduling (PHS) eLearning and eManual

This PHS eLearning and eManual is both a training and reference tool.  New users looking to obtain access to PHS are required to review the applicable content, as well as the eLearning.  Current users are encouraged to reference this tool for ongoing help. 

PHS Read-Only Users:

Please review the Read-Only content and submit the course completion form, which appears at the end. 

PHS Full-Scheduling Users:

Please review the Full-Scheduling content and complete the quiz.  Please submit the course completion form, which can be found after successful completion of the quiz.

Optional Workshop:

After a full review of the online content, successful completion of the quiz and submission of the course completion form, users have the option to attend a virtual, facilitated workshop.  This workshop is intended as an opportunity to ask an instructor questions related to PHS.  Attendance to this virtual workshop is not required for access to PHS.  Please refer to the PHS Workshop Schedule for dates and times.

How Do I Get Access to PHS?

  • Step 1: Submit a PHS Access Request form
  • Step 2: Launch the PHS eLearning & eManual
  • Step 3: Submit the course completion form (found at the end of the course)

  • Note: Once your PHS Access Request form has been submitted, your PHS account will be activated only after successful completion of your PHS training. 

    For more information visit the PHS Intranet site

    Have questions?

    Contact: Enterprise Scheduling Team
    Contact: Digital Education