Dragon Medical One - EPR with Speech

​​​​Dragon Medical One (Dragon) is speech recognition software that allows clinicians to use their voice to enter free text, and to complete and issue Transcription Notes from EPR directly instead of using the phone dictation system/CliP.

Dragon with EPR is available for physicians, nurse practitioners, and psychologists who are authorized to distribute notes directly without requiring co-signing. Other clinician​s may request Dragon upon approval of their clinical leaders, assessed on a case-by-case basis and in accordance with UHN policy. ​

Access Request Form

If you are not part of an existing enrollment group and are interested in getting access to Dragon, please complete the access request form located here​ (requires that you are logged into the UHN Intranet):

UHN Intranet > Clinical tools > Dictation System > Dragon Medical One Access Form​

Training - How do I get started?

Complete the eLearning training and be familiar with the written references below before using Dragon. The eLearning course will orient you to using Dragon functionality and common commands, the PowerMic Mobile application, and workflow and formatting standards – it takes 20 minutes to finish.​

PowerMic Mobile Installation Guides

The PowerMic Mobile phone app can be used as a microphone that pairs with Dragon. It is an optional alternative to using a plug-in microphone and is useful when dictating in noisier environments. Watch the PowerMic Mobile eLearning module for your device or follow the steps outlined in one of the installation guides below.

Reference Sheets and Guides

Support Information

You may email your questions to the Speech Recognition team at This inbox is monitored Monday to Friday, 9:00 AM-5:00 PM and we will aim to respond within 2 hours.

For urgent issues with Dragon after hours or on holidays, call the Help Desk 416 340 4800 x ​4357 or​