It can seem cliché to say that change isn't always easy, however we know that so often it's true. During my time here I've found the UHN community not only handles change with an apparent ease, but willingly accepts the challenge that change brings. I know it was a big change when I arrived, however I was greeted with a warm and open welcome and have found since that our staff is both incredibly adaptable and eager to understand the changes happening around them.  As we proceed down our path of renewal, I hope each of you continues to share your questions and comments with me.
Last week I sent an All Users e-mail to let you know that Mr. Michael Nader will be joining our team as the Executive Vice President, Clinical Operations. He will be leaving his current role as Chief Operating Officer at Vancouver Coastal Health and will be working very closely with Dr. Charlie Chan, Executive Vice-President – Clinical Operations, Quality and Safety. His experience with operational analytics, enterprise project management and background in Lean will serve UHN well. If you're interested in learning more about Mike, you can read his blog here.
Earlier this month our Smoking Cessation Committee announced that UHN is going smoke-free as of July 1st, which means smoking of tobacco products and electronic cigarettes is not permitted anywhere on UHN grounds. These changes reflect the new regulations under the Smoke-Free Ontario Act, but importantly support our goals of good health and wellness for our staff and patients.
Our Patient Experience team recently received a note from a cancer patient who struggles walking through clouds of smoke on her way to appointments. She also expressed disappointment that the new laws are not being upheld here.
We know that by-law officers will be inspecting to ensure compliance with the law and failure to comply carries significant fines to both the individual and the institution. For The Smoking Cessation Committee is also working to enhance smoking cessation resources for patients and staff for those seeking support to quit. We have a number of resources on this initiative available here.
I appreciate all of your efforts as we welcome new policy changes and people to UHN.


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