​This week's Looking Ahead continues my update on our plans and areas of focus for 2016/17 with a summary of what's ahead for the Michener Institute of Education at UHN.  As a reminder, the list below provides a summary of our areas of focus for this year.

  • Purpose, Values and Principles
  • Clinical Optimization
  • Caring Safely
  • Patient Experience
  • Team Engagement
  • IT Transformation
  • Michener Integration
  • Research and Innovation

With the announcement of the integration and the subsequent transfer of responsibility for Michener to UHN, we began the creation of a 'first of its kind' education centre in Canadian health care. Since the announcement I am delighted to say that there is great enthusiasm at Michener and throughout the hospitals. People want to create the best learning environment for all of the students. And, the opportunity to build curricula with the professionals at Michener is seen as exciting and game-changing for health care.

We have also talked about the opportunity we see to develop curricula in patient safety which will benefit all staff in our hospitals and will be available to others throughout the system. Currently, a pilot is being developed in JDMI that explores the relation between image quality and patient safety with the goal of reducing the need for repeated images which in turn reduces a patient's exposure to radiation.  Imagine what opportunities lie ahead for many areas of the hospital.

We are also working with UHN's Centres of Excellence in education to think creatively about how all of this work could fit together. At present, Michener and the Wilson Centre are writing proposals for new joint initiatives to advance research and education using simulation across the two institutions. I am confident that our educators will see more and more possibilities as they come to know each other and understand the work that is going on across all sites of UHN and at Michener.

Dr. Brian Hodges, Executive Vice President – Education has taken over responsibility for Michener's academic programs and students and Emma Pavlov, Executive Vice President – Human Resources and Organizational Development is responsible for the operations of Michener. My thanks to both Brian and Emma for this work and I very much look forward to the first convocation that will be held following integration.​ The students who walk across the stage are the future of health care and will serve all of our patients well.


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