​This week, Looking Ahead is devoted to an update on our plans for 2016. As you know, we have major long-term initiatives underway in the areas of Patient Experience, Patient Safety, and Employee Engagement and we also have ongoing work to get full benefit from our new organizational structure, IT systems, and clinical operations. All of this is happening in the exciting environment of the integration with The Michener Institute and ongoing implementations of new equipment and technology that support our research and innovation platforms.

2016 will be an incredible year. We are taking the first six months to re-visit UHN's Purpose, Values and Principles. This will give us the opportunity to ask ourselves "Why does UHN exist and what is our impact on the world?", examine our core values by defining our culture and beliefs, and describe behaviours that flow from our values in support of our purpose. This work will provide a "north star" and an anchor for our new strategic plan which we will start to formulate in the fall of 2016. This will also provide us with an overarching framework to better align and connect our current activity while revisiting existing initiatives to see if they still fit.

What to expect - We hope to develop our draft Purpose, Values and Principles over the months of February and March and then begin to consult with staff and patients in April and May. Our goal is to release UHN's new Purpose, Values and Principles by the June Annual General Meeting. A web page that describes this process in more detail will be launched shortly.

In the weeks ahead, I will use each Looking Ahead to "deep dive" on 1-2 other areas of focus for this year. In the absence of an overarching framework (our Purpose, Values and Principles), it is important for everyone to understand what this activity is and whether or not it will impact them. We will have high-level written descriptions of each area on the intranet page soon, along with dedicated pages for major initiatives. There are 8 areas of focus that represent existing work and time-limited initiatives. They are:

  • Purpose, Values and Principles & Strategy (the focus of today's Looking Ahead)
  • Safety Transformation
  • Patient Experience
  • UHN Team Engagement (formerly known as Staff Engagement)
  • Clinical Optimization
  • IT Transformation
  • Michener Integration​
  • Research and Innovation

Each member of the Executive Team is involved in one or more of the areas above. All of our work will align with our existing 5 Domains of "We, Caring, Creative, Accountable and Academic" and inform our 2016/17 Balanced Scorecard.

In closing, I would like to update everyone on our Executive Vice President (EVP) searches. The search for our EVP Clinical Operations and Practice is well underway. The posting for this position closed on January 31st, 2016 and we are currently preparing for interviews. We hope to have the successful candidate announced in April 2016. The search for our new EVP Science and Research has also begun. You can find a link to this EVP's search committee details and job specification here.


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