​​​​I will start by letting you know how much I appreciate the emails you sent after my message about the vent and the grate. While it wasn’t a pleasant experience to go through, I am very happy that people at UHN felt that they could speak up about living UHN’s values in all of our actions. It takes courage to speak up and thank you for doing so. It is the silver lining in a dark cloud.​

I am also grateful for the teamwork at Toronto Western Hospital on Friday evening in response to the suspicious package which was found and reported. People worked together to clear the area, cooperated with Toronto Police until they gave us the all clear and kept everyone informed. In a Twitter world, this news travelled far and wide and could have alarmed many patients and staff but the response by our team was textbook.

Last week I attended the launch of The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation’s latest fundraising event – Colour Your Hair To Conquer Cancer. You can see details of the event here. The event officially launches in May and people will be invited to raise funds, have some fun and get their colour on. I have committed to taking part and will be colouring my hair. Not sure which colour yet as I’m leaving that to my family to decide. 

Last week, I received some of the results we’ve seen since the launch of Caring Safely. There is more detail on the Caring Safely Intranet site here, but some highlights: 

1) CICU went 83 days with zero central line infections (CLI) and Princess Margaret (PM) 14C and 15C both achieved 30 days with no CLI which is the first time this happened since CLI data collection began in April 2017. 

2) Units which implemented the Caring Safely falls prevention bundle are hitting a record number of days without falls -- Toronto General (TG) 6A recently went 95 days without a fall, TG 6B got to 102 as their best, PM 16P set a record of 62 days. 

3) Toronto Western 3B achieved 90%+ completion of pressure injury prevention interventions documented in EPR.

I'll close with the thought that we were all shocked by the news from Saskatchewan this weekend. In a hospital we see families in their rawest moments but to hear of such sudden and collective grief for so many is sobering and a reminder to all of us about the importance of family, friends and the need to cherish what we have.


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