Sharing progress on our Areas of Focus – Q1 results

UHN is committed to ensuring that all of our physicians and staff are tuned into what is occurring across the organization. One way we do this is to share important information about the health of the organization and provide updates on key milestones and/or metrics at the end of each quarter. Previously, this has been done through the Balanced Scorecard, which was linked to our previous strategic plan. Part of the journey of renewal that’s underway is building the foundation to support a new strategic plan. As a result, we are temporarily pausing the Balanced Scorecard as a performance measurement and organizational communication tool, and providing quarterly updates on our eight Areas of Focus, instead. As a reminder, these areas are:

  • Purpose, Values & Principles, and Strategy,
  • Caring Safely,
  • Patient Experience,
  • Team Engagement,
  • Clinical Optimization,
  • IT Transformation,
  • Michener Integration, and
  • Research and Innovation

A few required metrics from the Balanced Scorecard will continue to be tracked over the next fiscal year. This will be done by the responsible Executive Vice President and reported up to UHN Board committees, as appropriate.

Areas of Focus Q1 Results and where to find them

This week we have released our 2016/17 Q1 results, which you will be able to find at Under each area we have included a “Quarterly Progress” tab where you can learn how we are progressing against the milestones each area has set up (you can also find this by clicking the "What's New" button on each Area of Focus page). It will also feature highlights from each of our four hospitals on how they are implementing certain Areas of Focus. Overall, we have made significant progress on our milestones, putting us on track to achieve the goals we have set in each area.

Highlights and what’s ahead

This quarter Caring Safely completed their diagnostic phase and have begun to implement key initiatives at all of our hospital sites, while our IT Transformation team held four co-design events with staff across UHN. Patient Experience implemented smoke-free grounds at all UHN sites, and the MR/PET facility at Toronto General Hospital was completed, a key milestone for Research and Innovation.

A big thank you for your hard work and dedication, which is helping us build towards our goals. The progress we have seen in the past quarter is because of your work. I also encourage you to send us your feedback and comments, which you can do on the website, by scrolling to the bottom of the screen.

Live tour of TRI’s StreetLab on Periscope

Take a live tour of Toronto Rehab’s virtual reality StreetLab on Periscope this Thursday at 1 p.m. Dr. Jennifer Campos, scientist at Toronto Rehab, will host the tour and you can watch it and ask questions live on UHN’s Twitter page. If you can’t watch live, feel free to send your questions in advance to​. We hope you can tune in to learn more about our state-of-the-art simulation labs at iDAPT that allow Toronto Rehab researchers to solve real-world problems by mimicking everyday challenges.

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