As you may know, we are in the midst of our strategic planning process at UHN. For those of you who aren't familiar with this, strategic planning is an organization's way of defining its priorities by creating a plan that helps guide decisions on how to achieve an organization's vision, and ensures employees and stakeholders are working towards common goals.

UHN's strategic plan is meant to anchor the organization in what is important to patients and articulate key milestones and deliverables that will enable the great work happening across UHN over the next three years. It will also set organizational direction and capture our aspirational, quantum leap goals set on a 2030 horizon, while also describing work associated with critical Foundational Elements—activities necessary to support everyday work at UHN.

Since May, teams have been working hard to develop the core elements of a draft three year roadmap, which will consist of renewed mission and vision statements, Strategic Themes (Big Dots), and Foundational Elements (Areas of Focus), all of which build upon the important work laid out last year with the launch of our Purpose, Values & Principles.

I've discussed our Strategic Themes (Big Dots) and Foundational Elements (Areas of Focus) previously through our Town Hall Meetings and the Annual General Meeting, but here's a brief recap:

Strategic Themes

The Strategic Themes below represent our ambitious, long range goals to make sure we have our attention on both today and tomorrow.

  • The Health of Our Population
  • Digital and Technology Enabled Health Care
  • Accelerating Mission Alignment for Societal Impact

Foundational Elements

Our four Foundational Elements represent enablers that are necessary to support the everyday work we do at UHN.

  • Caring Safely
  • Operational Excellence
  • Patient Experience
  • People and Culture

Over the last few weeks, leaders from across the organization have attended engagement sessions to discuss and provide feedback on draft goals, milestones and deliverables—however, in order for this plan to be successful and reflect the voices of all members within our UHN community, we would like to provide the opportunity for everyone to provide feedback on the work completed to date.

That's why we have made the resources from these sessions available to everyone at UHN through our Strategic Planning page on the website under "Useful Links." I encourage everyone to review these resources and provide us with your thoughts through the "Contact Us" form at the bottom of the Strategic Planning page.

Thanks in advance for your participation in this process. I'm looking forward to sharing our final strategy, vision and mission with you in the months ahead—stay tuned for more updates in the coming weeks.


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