I must start this week by thanking everyone who has already completed their safety culture survey. It is exciting to see that the response rates keep climbing with Princess Margaret at 79% as of last Friday, Toronto Western at 70%, Toronto Rehab at 62%, Toronto General at 46%, Corporate at 35% and Research at 21%. We have five days left to go and I know it is possible to achieve our overall goal of 70%. If you haven't done the survey yet, click here. The results will give us an understanding of our culture around safety and will inform our work in this area. I very much look forward to sharing the results with everyone at UHN and working with all of you to make this a place where safety is a core value and a place where we all watch out for our patients and our colleagues at all times. Our ability to bring about a safer work environment for ourselves and the patients that we serve is dependent on all of us participating the survey.

At the end of our Speak Up for Safety survey, there will be a draw from amongst all units at Princess Margaret as the first site to reach 70% and another draw from amongst all units or areas with 50 people or more to reach 100% participation in the survey. The prize – some would say penalty – will be a lunch brought to the area that I will host.

Also ending this week – UHN's flu campaign with November 12 being the last day to get your flu shot. Of course, you can get the shot from your doctor or your local pharmacy but it is easy to take the time to get the shot here so please get the shot.  It will help protect you, your family and your patients and it will help children in the developing world through our partnership with UNICEF Canada.

My final note is one of appreciation for Dr. John Dick and his research team.  Last week they published a paper in the prestigious medical journal Science, that outlines  a complete paradigm shift in our thinking about the origins of blood and the role stem cells play in the development of our blood. You can watch John explain the work here. We are all proud to be part of an organization that is has game changing research findings like this.


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