I am sending along a link to a site which highlights the units and areas with 100% participation in the Speak Up For Safety survey. We will be distributing the survey results to managers and posting on the intranet and I will certainly be letting everyone know when the results are posted. If you click through on the link, please make sure you go to full screen and then click on the site that interests you. There you will find the areas and units with a 100% participation. Overall there was a 74% participation in the survey which demonstrates exceptional commitment and momentum for our efforts to enhance safety for all patients and staff.

Our safety culture survey results will guide us as we work through our approach to becoming a Learning Health and High Reliability Organization (HRO). The survey was the first step in this process and we will have more information for everyone on our HRO plan, approach and timelines, early in the new year. For an excellent summary of the remarkable work done this year, see the webinar by Emily Musing here.

Last week, the senior leaders in the organization all took part in an education session about workplace violence. I wanted to use this Looking Ahead to ask that everyone at UHN take the time to complete the mandatory training​ which is required of everyone at UHN – no matter where you work. The link will take you to the eLearning Centre which is where the courses are located. The easiest place to find an overview of the courses is here which will link you to the handbook for New Employees. The courses that are legally mandated for all of us are:

  • Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) Parts 1 and 2 (one time)
  • Workplace Violence and Domestic Violence Awareness (one time)
  • UHN Privacy for Clinicians or for Non-Clinical Staff (annually)
  • UHN Worker Health and Safety Awareness (one time)
  • Fire Safety (annually)

When I say legally mandated, it means that the Provincial law requires everyone at UHN to complete the coursework above and this is a requirement for employment. Your managers are given the completion rates for every employee and will be in touch if you haven’t completed the coursework.

Thank you for your efforts to stay current on these critical areas that impact our collective knowledge and awareness regarding privacy, safety, and our shared commitment to Ontarians with disabilities.


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