​Reminder – Strategic Planning Town Halls at Lyndhurst and Toronto General this week

We kicked off our Strategic Planning Town Halls last week at Toronto Western. It was a great session, with thoughtful questions and comments from staff; thanks to everyone who came out. This week I will be at Toronto Rehab's Lyndhurst Centre on Wednesday, March 22nd and Toronto General on Friday, March 24th. I'm really looking forward to sharing our vision for this Strategic Planning process and chatting with you about our journey of renewal so far. I've included the full Town Hall schedule below:

  • Toronto Rehab – Lyndhurst: Wednesday, March 22nd, 12 – 1pm, Lecture Rooms A & B
  • Toronto General: Friday, March 24th, 10:30 – 11:30am, De Gasperis Conservatory
  • Princess Margaret: Thursday, March 30th, 12 – 1pm, 7th Floor Atrium
  • Toronto Rehab – Bickle Centre: Thursday, March 30th, 2:30 – 3:30pm, Auditorium
  • Toronto Rehab – University Centre: Monday, April 3rd, 1 – 2pm, 2nd Floor Auditorium
  • Michener Institute: Friday, April 28th, 12 – 1pm, Schatz Hall, 5th Floor Lounge

Proud to wear Purple

Each day in Canada 42 people are diagnosed with epilepsy. There's a lot of misunderstanding in the community about this neurological condition which causes abnormal electrical activity in the brain and can lead to unpredictable seizures as well as having physical, emotional and social consequences for patients. At UHN we're dedicated to improving the quality of life of our patients by offering the best care possible while we also search for new treatment alternatives. That's why we wholeheartedly support events such as Purple Day this Thursday, March 23rd. This annual event helps raise awareness, promote understanding and reduce the stigma about epilepsy worldwide.

We can all show support for our patients and staff this Thursday by wearing something purple to work and sharing photos of our fashion choices on social media using #PurpleDay. Together we can help improve the patient experience at UHN while simultaneously recognizing the outstanding contributions of all the team members in the epilepsy program at Toronto Western.

Crisis Intervention Training

At UHN we believe that no employee should be harmed at work from acts of violence, which is why we launched a new Crisis Intervention Training earlier this year as part of Caring Safely. This program incorporates an overview of core prevention principles including risk, relationship, behavior, and aggression management. It also includes physical intervention concepts and techniques, scenarios, and situational based learning. All staff that provide services in high- and moderate-risk areas such as emergency departments, mental health, critical care, acquired brain injury, multi-organ transplant and general internal medicine programs, are required to participate in the training. Staff who have participated in this training so far found the scenario-based exercises to be extremely valuable. If you have not already registered, please contact your manager or Occupational Health and Safety for additional information.

Volunteers needed to help select the next generation of Michener Students

The Michener Institute of Education is getting ready to select the next cohort of students and an interview process includes a variety of scenarios and questions to assess the soft skills of prospective students.  Volunteers are welcome to take part the interview process and you can find out more by clicking here.

These events run from May 1st to 5th at the St. Patrick Campus and by volunteering to take part in the interviews, it's a great chance to see how Michener students are selected and learn what non-academic qualities are emphasized.  If you're interested, you can sign up here.


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