​​Pride Month @ UHN

June is Pride Month in Toronto. As the city gears up for celebrations, the UHN LGBTQ+ committee is bringing Pride to all of UHN's sites through a number of events. This committee was formed to foster safe and inclusive environments for the LGBTQ+ communities providing and accessing health care services at UHN, so that their voices may be empowered and issues appropriately addressed. It will be a year on June 12th since the Pulse nightclub massacre in Orlando, U.S, one of the most horrific attacks in recent times on the LGBTQ+ community. As we celebrate Pride this year, we also remember the victims of this tragedy as we stand in solidarity with our own LGBTQ+ communities. Given the current global political climate, it is of great importance that we work hard towards dispelling intolerance. We are doing this at UHN by supporting education and awareness initiatives that move our organization towards embracing diversity and inclusion. More information on where you can join in celebrating Pride at UHN with LGBTQ+ leaders, champions, allies and collaborating community partners, is available on the committee's intranet page. Happy Pride Month, UHN!

UHN Digital: turning vision into reality

Last Thursday, UHN Digital made the final shortlist for PwC's Vision to Reality Innovator of the Year Award – twice! myUHN Patient Portal and the UHN Discharge Summary Program made up two of six finalists, out of 180 applicants, and were recognized for making their vision of digitally enhancing patient care into a reality. The UHN Discharge Summary Program is improving timely completion, delivery, and quality of Discharge Summaries for over 35,000 UHN inpatients annually. myUHN Patient Portal is empowering patients with real-time access to their own health information. By turning these visions into a reality, the Discharge Summary Program and Patient Portal are truly helping us put the needs of patients first.

UHN Digital with their Finalist Award
UHN Digital with their Finalist Awards. L to R: Dr. David Jaffray, Dr. Peter Rossos, Selina Brudnicki, Lembi Bishop, Andre D'Penha, and Michael Caesar

Dr. Gospodarowicz appointed University Professor at the University of Toronto

Congratulations to Dr. Mary Gospodarowicz on her recent appointment as University Professor at the University of Toronto! Mary is a member of the Faculty of Medicine's Department of Radiation Oncology. The designation of University Professor is the institution's most distinguished rank, recognizing individuals with outstanding achievements in their field.

Refreshing Renewing UHN.ca + AGM Reminder

Over the past year, teams across UHN have come together and done a tremendous amount of work on our eight Areas of Focus. For some areas, this work has largely been completed, while mandates have shifted in others. As mentioned in this Looking Ahead, we have refreshed, updated and reduced our Areas of Focus for 2017/18 from eight to five. They are:

  • Caring Safely
  • People and Culture (formerly Team Engagement)
  • Patient Experience
  • Operational Excellence (formerly Clinical Optimization)
  • IT Transformation

In conjunction with this work, we are continuing to develop our Strategic Plan. These five areas will be built into the plan, supporting the work we're doing today, alongside our vision for UHN in 2030.

While we wai​t for the release of our new Strategic Plan (October 2017), we will continue to provide updates and quarterly reporting for all of five Areas of Focus, as well as Strategic Planning, on www.renewinguhn.ca. This website has been updated with 2017/18 goals and milestones, and reflects the journey each area has gone through over the past year.

Please note: the page links for People and Culture, Operational Excellence and Strategic Planning (formerly PVP and Strategy) have been updated to reflect their new names, so if you have those pages saved, you will need to update your bookmarks. If you have any questions or feedback regarding our journey of renewal, there is a contact form at the bottom of the page.

In case you missed it, this year's Annual General Meeting (AGM) is taking place next Wednesday, June 14th from 4 – 5.30PM in the Auditorium of MaRS Discovery District (101 College Street). I am so excited to share highlights from the past year and update you on the work that's been done to develop our Strategic Plan since the Town Halls. If you're unable to attend the AGM it will be posted on YouTube in the days that follow. I hope to see you there!


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