Last week I sent out a link to the material from Thursday’s Town Hall meeting and I thought I would include the link here​ as well. We are also putting the slides together with my talk and we will send the link to All Users once available. My sincere thanks to all of you who attended and especially to the people who stood throughout the entire presentation. Clearly everyone is interested our process of organizational renewal. I am committed to keeping you informed and I will always be listening to the members of our UHN community.

I also want to draw your attention to the link to CBC’s Keeping Canada Alive​ which is a series that looks at one day within Canada’s healthcare system. We had six film crews here on May 6, 2015 following a number of our teams and two of those stories will make the show and the remaining four will appear on the website. My guess is that the producers of the show were overwhelmed with the material they had to work with! My thanks to all of the people at UHN who helped coordinate the shoots for the show, agreed to appear and to our patients who allowed their stories to be told. There are remarkable things going on each and every day and this series attempts to give Canadians a look at what the system does for its citizens.

My final note today is about the Patient Safety Survey which you will hear more about in the coming weeks. This survey is designed to give us a way of understanding the culture at UHN towards patient and staff safety. This survey will be an important part of planning for our journey towards presenting hospital-acquired conditions and making sure that ‘never events’ are eliminated at UHN. Last week the Canadian Patient Safety Institute issued its report on ‘never events’ in Canadian hospitals and you can read that report by clicking here.


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