​Celebrating our Nurses – National Nursing Week

Nurses play a vital and varied role in how and where care is provided. This week we are celebrating our nurses across UHN as part of National Nursing Week. This year's theme is #YesThisIsNursing, which honours the diversity and impact of nursing roles, from in-person to remote digital access, acute care to community care, and through advanced technologies locally and globally. Please take a moment this week to show your appreciation for UHN nurses, in person and online, by completing the sentence #YesThisIsNursing… and sharing it with the hashtag on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.


In the last week there have been some issues raised in the media about our pension plan, HOOPP, regarding an agreement they entered into, along with a group of lenders, to provide a secured line of credit to Home Trust Company. HOOPP has posted a statement about this transaction and spoken with BNN about their decision – both are posted on their website here. The Ontario Hospital Association (OHA) works with HOOPP and we have been in touch with the OHA and are satisfied that they are satisfied with the protection provided to the pension plan for the funds, which have been invested.

Quick update – Areas of Focus for 2017/18

With the 2017/18 fiscal year underway, we are now moving from eight areas of focus to five, as I mentioned in this Looking Ahead. As a quick reminder these areas are:

  • Caring Safely
  • People & Culture (formerly Team Engagement)
  • Patient Experience
  • Operational Excellence (formerly Clinical Optimization)
  • IT Transformation

These areas are foundational and critical to UHN's success as we embed them into our everyday work. We will continue providing updates on these five areas of focus, as well as our strategic planning process, through renewinguhn.ca. We will refresh the site in the coming weeks, updating the areas of focus and their descriptions as well as posting their goals and milestones for 2017/18. In the meantime, the Q4 results from 2016/17 will be available for your review.

UHN has started its move to Office 365 (O365)

If it hasn't already, O365 will be coming to you soon. As I mentioned last month, this transition marks the beginning of a major UHN Digital project. With O365, we will have access to new tools and features which will improve our communications across UHN. To help you prepare, please view the image below and take note of the key changes following your move.

To learn more about O365, I encourage you to attend a demo session. Upcoming demo dates and other resources are available on the O365 website. You can also subscribe to receive Tips & Tricks to make the most out of your O365 experience.​

When you move to O365


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