I hope all of you, like me, are enjoying the arrival of Spring!

I have joined thousands of Ontarians by signing up on www.beadonor.ca to become a potential organ donor. This is part of the recognition of this week's National Organ and Tissue Donation Awareness and because I know that this is something my family would support. Nobody likes to think that they could die suddenly, but by becoming a registered donor, I would give the gift of life to at least eight people if I were to die. At UHN our Multi-Organ Transplant team helped more than 500 people last year regain many, many years of life, all because people and families agreed to donation and because some remarkable individuals stepped forward and became living kidney or liver donors. If you haven't already, please consider signing up to as an organ donor.

We are also celebrating National Medical Laboratory Week (NMLW), which recognizes the talented, hardworking team in our laboratory. Our patients might not always get to meet or talk with the laboratory team, but the impact of their work is seen and felt every day. Whether a patient is getting their blood drawn, receiving a transfusion or receiving treatment, the team from our Laboratory Medicine Program (LMP) is critical to the circle of care. Please take time this week to thank colleagues that you have in our incredible LMP.

I will close with thanks to everyone who participated in the Have Your Say survey. We have now heard from thousands of you and I very much look forward to learning what you had to say about UHN as an employer and a place to work. It will help immeasurably in setting priorities in ensuring that the UHN workplace is the place that enables you to do your very best work. I would also like to thank people who responded to last week's budget message and to let you know that we will be looking for a way that opens up the discussion further so that anyone at UHN can send forward their ideas for improving efficiency and solving our budget issues.


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