Over the last eight weeks I have been communicating to all of you what our areas of focus are for 2016/17 and what they mean for UHN. As a quick reminder, they are:

  • Purpose, Values and Principles
  • Clinical Optimization
  • Caring Safely
  • Patient Experience
  • Team Engagement
  • IT Transformation
  • Michener Integration
  • Research and Innovation

We don't expect everyone to remember everything we're doing in each of these areas. However, my hope is that by sharing these initiatives, you are able to identify and understand how some of our relevant focus areas relate to your specific role and work at UHN.

Each of you played a key role in helping UHN become a leader in the health care system and you have a role to play in our future. This is why I am so excited about the opportunity to create a new purpose and strategic plan, which will modernize our direction, while speaking to the core of who we are.

Whenever change happens in organizations, it can feel like we're just adding one more thing onto your already full plate. Or it may seem like the messages coming from me and others are not aligned with your daily work experience. This can take many forms – different demands on resources, new leadership expectations, or delays between the organization's direction and what you're experiencing in your day-to-day work.

I want you to know that this is normal during times of change. In fact, our goal is to simplify our systems so that we can lighten the load for all staff – taking even more off your plate than we've added. Because I know how hard each of you works and how much you give to this organization and everyone who walks through our doors. As a UHN Team, we want to be Simpler, Smarter, and Safer.

While navigating our way through change is both exciting and challenging, we truly appreciate your efforts in helping us work towards building a brighter future for UHN. After all, our people are UHN's greatest assets and working together we will succeed.


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