​​​​​​Refreshing UHN's Purpose, Values & Principles – tell us what you think

As you know, we are on a journey of renewal as an organization. At the heart of this renewal is our focus on refreshing UHN's Purpose, Values, & Principles (PVP). In the spring we hosted a series of Open Houses where we asked you to share your thoughts on the first draft of a purpose statement and values, and let us know what principles are important to you. We took that feedback and spent the summer working on an updated PVP that we think reflects the core of UHN.  You can now read the drafted Purpose, Values, & Principles here. I am so excited about this iteration – PVP is the bedrock upon which we can build our mission, vision, and strategic and operating plans, or the "what, where, how, and when" of UHN. The PVP is meant to tell us "who we are" and why UHN exists, so that we can then build our aspirational vision. I am thrilled that the needs of patients are spotlighted in our PVP, because at the end of the day we are here to serve them.

What do you think of the draft PVP? We want to hear from you!

Next week, on Thursday, September 22nd and Friday, September 23rd we are inviting you to participate in an "Electronic Jam" session online. During these two days leaders from across the organization, including our EVPs, will be available from 10am to 5pm and 10pm to midnight to answer your questions about the new PVP and to engage in an electronic conversation. This is meant to be an internal conversation among all UHN staff and physicians, so please take a moment to log into the jam and tell us what you think about the PVP and ask questions! I will be logging in from 3-4pm on Thursday, September 22nd to talk about the value 'stewardship'. I am looking forward to connecting with you about this important value, and of course answer any questions you have about our Purpose, Values & Principles. You can learn more about the jam here.

Saying thank you to our environmental services staff

This week is International Housekeeping Week and I'd like to say a big thank you to these unsung heroes of UHN. Our environmental services staff are an incredibly important part of our team and all too often go unrecognized. You can read Dr. Gardam's thoughts on the importance of the role these individuals play in infection control at UHN here. This is such critical work that often goes unnoticed – our environmental services staff are helping us keep patients safe from infection. I had the opportunity to say thank you to Chris, Marina, Jenny, and Rita this morning. We talked about the important role they play in infection control and they all told me how much they enjoy making our patients happy. I know these are just a few of the many great environmental services staff and I truly appreciate the tireless work everyone on this team does across our sites. Any time you see a member of our environmental services team I encourage you to take a moment to thank them for their invaluable contribution to UHN.​

L-R: Jenny, Marina, myself, Rita, and Chris
L-R: Jenny, Marina, myself, Rita, and Chris​


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